damex Quality

Compliance with Regulations for Product Certification

The quality of our organic grains is obtained with full adherence to standards established by international certification companies, implementing good natural agricultural practices that help the maintenance and enrichment of soil fertility and water conservation.

The productive processes begin with the appropriate selection of the productive areas to which we enrich with green and compost fertilizers, in addition to using cultural practices, such as pruning, crop rotation and deep fallows, in order to reach the organic quality standards for the different Grains produced.

For the control of pests and diseases preventive measures are used to clean land, manual weed removal that can be host of insects and pathogens for crops, use of chromatic traps, and when they occur, they are combated with the use of organic products and biological controls, to avoid contamination of our products.

Processing Plants

Compliance with the regulations established by international certification bodies helps to ensure the proper management of inventories and to avoid contamination points.

All the Plants observe the regulations established by the Certification Agencies with which we work, from the arrival of the grain to the plant, storage, processing, packaging, product packaging and storage of the finished product.

To ensure the quality agreed between our client and DAMEX, once the process starts, samples are taken and analyzed by laboratories and quality control to ensure the characteristics requested by the client, in case that batch does not pass control Quality is reprocessed to ensure the indicated standard.


We have developed a Productive Network with more than 900 small producers and 60 entrepreneurs; integrating more than 7,000 hectares certified for production in the best agricultural regions of Mexico, as well as a close relationship with international certifiers.


We have integrated a distribution system without intermediaries, allowing us to offer highly competitive prices.