We have experience since 1996 in the areas of regulation, training and advice, inspection, production and marketing of organic products. To guarantee high quality standards we take care of the entire production process, processing, packaging, storage, transfer and distribution.

We have developed a Productive Network of Organic Grains with more than 1894 small producers and 60 businesses; integrating more than 18,953 hectares certified for production in 17 states of Mexico.

We work with 7 Certified Processing Plants distributed in different parts of the country, ensuring the supply of the products required by our customers, ensuring that the requirements of final consumers and the various agencies that support us are met.

We have integrated a distribution system without intermediaries, allowing us to offer highly competitive prices.


During each productive cycle we make sure to select the best area for each crop, carrying out different analyzes that guarantee the absence of pesticides and pathogenic organisms; as well as, ensure that the seeds used meet the required standards.

Our Network of Internal Inspectors and the team of highly trained and experienced agronomists are in charge of supporting and supervising the processes in the different plantations during the crop cycle, thus ensuring compliance with the quality standards required in production of organic grains.

Our production processes are oriented towards compliance with the standards established by International and National Certification Agencies, among which are Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) of the United States; BioAgricert, from Italy, Kosher Quality Supervisors, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), Primus GFS Certification and MAYACERT.